If you’ve done some shopping around for PPC managers, you’re probably sick of them telling you how they’re better than everybody else:

  • They’ve been hired by all of the top 100 companies (if they’re good enough for Spotify, surely they’re good enough for you) 
  • They’ll give you 100,000% ROI (how has your business ever survived without them?)
  • They perform 87-point checklist audits of your current Internet marketing (so they can prove how dire your situation is and how they’re Superman, here to save you)
  • They’ll send you a fully cooked Thanksgiving turkey in the mail (Ok, I haven’t seen this one yet… but people have probably tried crazier things to stand out)
I’m not going to tell you that I’m better than every other PPC manager out there. That would be called lying. 

But I am the easiest one you'll ever work with. I've built my reputation on transparency and no-BS work that's focused on measurable results.

What I will tell you is just the facts, ma’am (or sir):

Here’s what I do for you

  • I specialize in creating, maintaining, and optimizing Google Ads & Facebook campaigns (because they're the easiest platforms to start seeing results quickly)
  • I work with small to medium size businesses (I’m a small business owner myself, and I work best with other small businesses)
  • I consistently bring in better results with each ad campaign I touch (Internet marketing is confusing as heck, so I don’t blame people for doing it poorly)

Here’s how I do it

  • I build custom campaigns tailored to your business goals and budget (which takes thoughtful consideration and deep knowledge of the Google & Facebook platforms)
  • I give you transparent reports that reflect the true effectiveness of your ads (using metrics that you actually care about in an instantly understandable way)
  • I have a no-brainer, reasonable pricing model (a flat monthly fee for most clients)

Here’s who I am

  • I have Google and Facebook certifications (so at least you know I’m not just “faking it till I make it”)
  • I have marketing agency experience (I’ve created campaigns for local businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits)
  • I’m also a direct-response copywriter (building campaigns is only half the battle… you’ve got to know how to write a good ad too)

But I’m kinda picky about who I work with. I can help some, but not all:

You need to be able to install tracking code on your website
  • Transparency is key. I want you to know exactly how much return on investment your ads are giving you. And it’s as simple as pasting small snippets of code into certain pages on your website. In most cases I can do it for you.
You should value results, not your own ego
  • I promise to do the same. If your business is all about you and that’s what works, that’s great. But we won’t go well together. I’m after measurable results, and I work best with people who are too. 
You should be familiar with PPC or already using it
  • If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should invest in PPC advertising, you’re on the wrong website. On the other hand, if you’re ready to get in on the action of the immense profitability of Internet marketing (or you’ve tried and haven’t had much luck), you’re in the right place.

Ready to have an adult conversation? I won't bite.

It's not an act. If you like my website copy, you're going to love my sexy voice. Let's talk and see if we'd work well together. 100% not a sales call.

Tom Burns Internet Marketing