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Look at what the majority of people are doing, and do the exact opposite, and you’ll probably never go wrong for as long as you live”. -Earl Nightingale

The majority of people are peddling a fake, carefully crafted, meticulously curated, and totally boring version of themselves and their brands.

And chances are, so are you. And you're missing a huge portion of the success you could be having because you're too scared to be authentic.

But the world wants the real you. 

My emails are like your closet Netflix series addiction—you wait to read them until nobody's around, but they leave you sweating in anticipation for the next one.

And they'll show you how to unleash your inner Tiger King and turn apathetic customers into raving superfans. 

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This email list is for 2 kinds of people:
  1. Masochists
  2. Restless business people who dream of making their own way, but want to do it without feeling like miserable posers
Here's the kind of capricious content you can expect to receive by joining this list:
  • Unfiltered critiques of any and all ads, sales copy, and sales funnels I come across (no brand is safe—big or small, successful or struggling)
  • Brutally honest insights about building a business that you actually feel good about (that most people are thinking but don't have the balls to say)
  • A curation of incredibly eye-opening resources from respected business experts who walk the talk (and have the results to back it up)
  • Anything else I feel like sending you because it's my email list (don't worry... it'll always be entertaining, useful, or both)

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I’m Tom Burns: husband, antiperneur, and compulsive "too far" taker.  


I’ve tried on multiple “brand voices” over the years, all of them fake, none of them successful. So I finally unleashed my inner animal: the “raw Tom” that rejects professionalism and shamelessly embraces authenticity. Join my list and I’ll help you do the same (because that’s actually what people want from you).