WATCH: Your Google Ads Profitability Potential


Topic Timestamps

  • 0:00 Welcome
  • 0:42 Why Google Ads is different than other types of advertising
  • 2:05 How to set up your new Google Ads account
  • 3:31 Accessing the Keyword Planner Tool
  • 3:40 What the Keyword Planner Tool helps you find
  • 6:48 Setting your location targeting
  • 8:33 Getting a list of keywords
  • 11:32 Getting your clicks forecast
  • 13:06 How to read the forecasting graph
  • 15:28 Conversions
  • 17:10 Finding your industry's avg. conversion rate
  • 21:11 Finding your avg. customer lifetime value (conversion value)
  • 23:16 Determining if Google Ads will be profitable for your business
  • 25:47 Seeing your revenue (conversion value) forecast
  • 27:34: How to use this forecast information to make a decision about Google Ads
  • 29:19: Invitation to free "Your First Google Ads Campaign" class

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