Google Ads Essentials - Live Online Class

Learn the Fundamentals of Profitable, Predictable, Easily-Managed Campaigns

When you're new to Google Ads...

  • It's easy to get lost and impossible to interpret all the numbers!
  • It's hard to know the "right" way to create and organize campaigns!
  • It's bewildering trying to track ROI and judge how well things are performing!
  • It's not obvious what you're supposed to do after you create a campaign!

But by the end of this class you'll know how to...

  • Easily navigate the interface, organize ads, and find important metrics and information
  • Create new campaigns quickly and easily using best practices for top performance and ease of use
  • Use conversion tracking to accurately track ROI and use data to make important decisions
  • Make regular small, simple adjustments to improve campaign performance and lower costs

You don't have to be an expert to make Google Ads work for your business. You just need to know the basics.

Class Outline

  • Part 1: How Google Ads Works & Interface Tour (making sense of this powerful tool)
    • How does Google Ads work?
    • Navigating the Google Ads interface
  • Part 2: Keywords & Match Types (how success hinges on doing them right)
    • What are keywords and how do they work?
    • What are match types?
    • What do negative keywords do?
    • Finding your first keywords with the Keyword Planner Tool
    • Creating your first search ads
  • Part 3: Conversions & Bid Strategies (why they're the whole point of Google Ads)
    • What are conversions?
    • Why should you track conversions?
    • What are bid strategies?
    • Available bid strategies
    • Which bid strategy should you use?
    • Setting up conversion tracking
  • Part 4: Ongoing Optimization (the easy way to regularly supe up your profitability)
    • Processing search terms & keywords

Enrollment Info

  • Skill level: Best for beginners, but also great for more experienced users
  • Length: 3 hours
  • Date & Time: Choose an available time slot when you enroll 
  • Class Format: Live online class over Google Meets in groups no larger than 6
  • Can Students Participate? Yes! Questions are encouraged
  • Materials Provided: PDF of topics sent to students before class, video recording of class provided after
  • Cost: $200 per student. Group discounts available (email for details)

The difference between achieving your profitability potential and throwing money down the drain is knowing the essentials of Google Ads!

About Your (geeky) Teacher

Jeez, I just noticed that vein popping out in my neck... oh, *ahem*, hello there!

(Sorry about that, I didn't know anybody was reading this. Most "About" sections are soooo boring and self indulgent, right? I'll just skip the to the stuff you care about.)

My name is Tom Burns and I've been managing Google Ads for five-ish years. And as much as I love managing Google campaigns for clients during my day job, I realized that there are plenty of business owners  who want to learn to do it for themselves.

But it makes me gag how hard it is to find high quality teaching on Google Ads!

YouTube tutorials are great... if you have hundreds of hours to sit through 99 crappy videos to find 1 good one. And even then, who knows if they've ever managed a real business's campaigns?

So I'm bringing you reliable teaching that's backed by Google-certified expertise, a deep knowledge of Google Ads, and daily hands-on experience.

I look forward to helping you make Google Ads work wonders for you!

Tom Burns Internet Marketing