THIS framework enables me to analyze and fix a poorly performing landing page in one hour (and justify charging $500 for it)

How the "Big 5" have the biggest impact on your opt-in rate

When someone Paypal's me $500 to fix their landing page in 60 minutes, I scrutinize 5 things:

  1. Their offer
  2. Their copy
  3. Their call to action
  4. Their social proof
  5. Their flow

Almost invariably, the reason they aren’t getting as many leads/opt-ins as they want is due to major issues in one (or all) of these 5 areas.

Not the photo-to-text ratio. 

Not the headline font. 

Not the website theme.

Not whether they’re using Leadpages, Unbounce, or any other landing page builder.

Not even the volume of traffic. 

Offer. Copy. CTA. Proof. Flow.

These are the areas you need to be spending 80% of your time and effort refining if you’re interested in making major strides in boosting your opt-in rates. Everything else should take up 20% of your time and effort max.

But why these 5? 

It’s really simple:

Because together the "Big 5" (as I call them) are what communicate your value to your prospects…

...whether high (and worthy of an opt-in) or low (and not worth their time).

At the end of the day, your prospects only care about what value you are giving them. 

And yet for some reason many business owners think it’s the “packaging” of their lead magnets that’s going to pull in all the email addresses (things like color scheme, number of photos/videos, button sizes, page themes, etc).

So when they’re seeing disappointing opt-in rates, they just keep splitting hairs on endlessly testing non-essential tactics to “pretty things up”:

“Maybe if I just tried [insert minor tweak], that would give me a better CPA...”

Audience: “booooring. Come get me when you have something worth my time.”

Ironic, isn’t it?

But how do you avoid that trap?

You’ve gotta start thinking like your prospects.

You've gotta see your value (or lack thereof) from their perspective. Here’s a silly little hypothetical situation to help you get in the mindset:

Imagine you have a nail and a piece of wood, but no hammer. So you go to the hardware store. 

“I need to hammer this nail into this wood,” you say to the guy behind the counter.

He pulls a wrench off the shelf and hands it to you. 

“Uh, no thanks,” you say.

So then he puts that wrench back and grabs one with more features and has an ultra-comfy grip.

Still no. Still uninterested. Still never going to take the wrench.

So the guy would be an idiot if he kept trying to offer you a wrench in different ways, right?

It’s useless, because it’s not going to fix your problem. At this moment, it holds no value to you because you need a hammer to get that nail into the board.

Here’s the lesson:

Maybe you’re offering your prospects the wrong thing (i.e. your offer is wrong)... 

Or maybe you’re not being clear about how your offer helps them (copy is weak)... 

Or maybe you’re setting the wrong expectations for how to get your offer (call to action isn't clear)... 

Or maybe you’re not convincing them that your offer actually does what you promise (social proof isn't convincing)...

Or maybe you’re asking for the “sell” before you’ve helped them understand why they need your offer (your page’s flow is confusing)...

Or maybe you’re getting all 3 wrong.

It might be time to hit the pause button, quit hyperventilating over whether your 3rd subheading is too big, and re-evaluate the foundational, big picture areas that prospects really care about.

The Big 5.

If you’re seeing low opt-in rates that are making you squirm (or straight up ruining the profitability of your sales funnel), my experience auditing landing pages tells me your problem is most likely with one (or more) of the Big 5.

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Spend 80% of your time and effort optimizing your offer, copy, CTA, social proof, and layout to get the biggest gains for your opt-in rates. The other 20% (at most) can be used for tweaking tactical details. 

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