Stupid Simple Google Ads Course

Introduction (Important!)

Watch this video first for some important information.

Lesson 1: Finding Your Keywords

Find the right keywords and build your first campaign.

Lesson 2: Changing Location Settings

Change a very important setting so you don't needlessly waste money.

Lesson 3: Creating Your Ads & Extensions

The easy way to create effective ads for all of your ad groups.

Lesson 4: Changing Keywords to Broad Match Modified

The fast way to change all of your new keywords to the right match type to start with.

Lesson 5: Building Your Negative Keywords List

Set up your extremely important negative keyword list.

Lesson 6: Creating Your Landing Pages

The most powerful way to increase your conversion rate.

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Lesson 7: Installing Your Conversion Tracking

The simple way to make sure your campaigns can track conversions and ROI.

Taking Your Campaign Profitability Further

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