WEBINAR REPLAY: Your Google Ads Profitability Potential + Your First Google Ads Campaign Bonus Workshop


Topic Timestamps

  • 0:00 Welcome
  • 0:41 What you'll learn in this video (class agenda)
  • 3:27 How does Google Ads actually work?
  • 12:50 The 3 pieces of a campaign
  • 14:23 What does a campaign do?
  • 18:39 What does an ad group do?
  • 24:39 What does an ad do?
  • 26:13 Let's build your first campaign!
  • 27:19 Using the Keyword Planner tool to get your keywords
  • 28:17 Sorting your new keywords into separate ad groups
  • 34:43 What to do if your forecast doesn't have enough data
  • 35:00 How to decide on a campaign budget and Max CPC limit
  • 38:47 Creating your campaign
  • 42:12 Confirming your location targeting and bid strategy
  • 47:12 Creating your ads
  • 50:01 How to write effective ads
  • 56:49 Creating multiple ad variations (the quick way)
  • 58:53 Launching your campaign
  • 1:01:31 Taking your campaigns to the next level: Google Ads Essentials live class
  • 1:05:23 What you'll learn in Google Ads Essentials
  • 1:10:18 How to enroll

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You've calculated your profitability forecast. You created your first campaign. Now it's time to learn more about how to build and sustain profitable, predictable, easy-to-manage campaigns.
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